Square Dancing is a folk dance that is associated with America although it has European roots.  Each sequence begins and ends in a square formation.  Western square dance has been promoted and standardized by Callerlab, the international association of modern Western square dance callers.  The cost of lessons is reasonable.  For information on classes, contact a club in your area!  Square Dancing is the official folk dance of the State of Mississippi. Square Dance Angel. To improve your dancing, see Styling Tips.

Some Square Dance Clubs also have Clogging, Lines, or Round Dancing.  For more information on clogging see the MS Clogging Council

 Round Dancing is a form of ballroom dancing where the dances are choreographed and cued.  This allows each step to fit the music perfectly.  It also frees the dancers from thinking about which figure or pattern to do next.  This adds enjoyment as the dancers can concentrate on executing the steps and do a much greater variety of figures.   The "cues" given by the cuer are synonymous with "calls" by a caller.  All couples are dancing the same figure at the same time. This often appears more refined than freeform dancing.

Most Round Dances are in the Phase 2-4 category, although some may be in the higher levels of 5 or 6.  Adding three higher level steps to Phase 2 would make it a Phase 3 for example, so the difference may be insignificant. Rhythms are practically unlimited and include Waltz, 2-step, Foxtrot, Cha-cha, Rumba, Jive or Swing, Bolero, Mambo, Samba, and Slow two-step.  As in square dancing, the cost of lessons is reasonable.  Check out when classes are starting by contacting a club in your area! Round Dance Steps.

Members of M.S.R.D.A. receive periodic newsletters and are admitted free to two dances a year (South Council in January and North Council in September). See Dance schedule for more information.  Many members renew their membership in January at the South Council Dance in Hattiesburg. Membership Application.


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