"They are the wonderful people who:
Introduce square dancing to others,
Bring others to square dance classes,
Aid the caller/teacher by filling the squares
so that all class members may dance."

When you become a class ANGEL, there are some simple rules to remember:

BE ON TIME. You may be the cause of three other couples sitting out during a teaching tip.

BE OBSERVANT: Make sure that every student is in a square during the teaching tip. BUT don't wait for them to square up. Invite them into your square.

DO NOT TALK IN THE SQUARE when the caller is giving instructions. Learning to listen to the caller's commands requires concentration. No person can listen to two persons at a time. All should be listening to the same caller.

DANCING STYLES: Some dancing styles that dancers have adopted is out of place in class. Basics should be kept in pure form. The proper Do Sa Do, hand and arm holds, a quick touch to acknowledge positing, and no short cuts will ensure new dancers of the proper position for the next call.

ANGELS ARE HELPERS, NOT PUSHERS: Students must understand when they are being taught, they must learn to react to each command. To gently guide someone is fine, but we accomplish nothing for the student if he/she has been pushed through an action and doesn't know what was supposed to be done. Angels' action should be gentle but firm.

LET THE CALLER KNOW: if a dancer has not grasped the concept of a call after a reasonable time. The caller can review the call during the next tip.You don't have to "teach" a call during a break, just let them relax.

DRESS FOR STUDENTS: Do not encourage students to "go right out" and buy square dance clothing. As you know clothing can be expensive. Their first dance will be soon enough.

DANCES ABOVE A NEW DANCERS EXPERIENCE: "Come on, we will pull you through" works great at the right tiem, but could discourage new dancers that are not quite ready. Dancing above your level can be a little frightening.

DANCE WITH THEM: Do you want to keep the new student in your club? Then you must dance with them, talk with them during breaks, encourage them. One of the biggest complaints heard from new dancers is that they are not sure the old club members want them.



1. CLOTHING: Colorful apparel identifies us! Men are expected to wear long sleeve western shirts, neckwear, boots or street shoes. Ladies should wear dresses that are made to fit around full slips, petty pants and flat heal shoes. They should avoid wearing excessive jewelry. All are expected to wear name badges. Care should be taken that shoes not damage the floor.

2. NEAT AND CLEAN: Everyone wants to be neat and clean for dancing.

3. MIX WITH ALL LEVEL OF DANCERS: Remember that square dancing enjoyment is being with others and moving to the flow of the music and calls, not how much more you know than the other dancers.

4. WELCOME NEW DANCERS New Dancers are the lifeblood of Square Dancing. Let's make sure they feel welcome.

5. LEAVE INSTRUCTING TO THE CALLER: As a dancer, you can best help the new learner by being in the position where you are suppose to be and let them learn to move as they should. Pointing or gently guiding the new dancer can help, but talking, shoving or pulling will do more harm than good. Remember keep a happy, friendly face at all times. In time, they will learn to look at the pattern of other dancers and fit themselves in.

6. SQUARING UP: When the music starts, get on the floor. Don't make other dancers wait or the caller "beg" you to fill the square. Never leave your partner, your square or the floor until the tip is complete.

7. GET INTO LINES:  If your square breaks down, square up and then get into facing lines. The approved way to get into lines is to square up and then the heads slide to the right to form a line with the sides. The caller will usually have you moving again within four or five calls. This is faster than waiting for a left allemande.

8. PROBLEMS: If you have a legitimate complaint or constructive suggestion, go to the proper person.

9. LOYALTY: Be loyal to your club and caller. Square dance clubs can not exist unless there are those that will work at the various jobs. The fee or monthly dues are only part of the cost to keep square dances inexpensive. Do not solicit dancers from one club to join another.

10. FESTIVALS: Festivals come along around the state and even out-of-state, so enjoy! They come in all sizes up to around 30,00 dancers at a National Square Dance Convention. All levels of square dancing and round dancing take place there and shopping for square dance apparel is practically unlimited!

11. A SMILE: A Smile costs nothing, but give much. A smile cannot be bought, it must be given away! Some people will be too tired to give you a smile, so give them one of yours!


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