Round Dance Steps

Waltz and Two-Step

Phase I     Phase II     Phase II (con't)
Away and Together     Basketball Turn (Two-Step)     Roll
Box     Box, Left Turning     Spin Maneuver
Circle Away     Box, Right Turning     Solo Turning Box
Pickup     Forward ( or Forward Waltz)     Thru Side Close
Recover     Lace     Thru Twinkle
Reverse Box     Lunge     Twinkle
Waltz Away and Together (Waltz)     Maneuver     Twirl Vine
      Pivot     Twisty Vine
      Progressive Box     Wheel
      Reverse Twirl      

Waltz and Foxtrot

Phase III           Phase III (con't)     Phase IV     Phase IV (con't)
Back Hover           Impetus To Semi-Closed     Chair and Slip     Telemark
Box Finish           Slip Pivot     Diamond Turn      
Chair           Spin Turn     Drag Hesitation      
Chasse           Whisk     In and Out Runs      
Cross Hover           Wing     Natural Hover Fallaway      
Hover Fallaway                 Outside Change to Banjo      


Cha-Cha and Rumba

Phase III           Phase III (con't)       Phase IV       Phase V
Basic           Lariot       Aide       Closed Hip Twist
Back Basic           New Yorker       Alemana       Cuddle
Chase Peek-a-Boo           Open Break       Fan       Double Cuban Breaks(ChaCha)
Crab Walks           Shoulder To Shoulder       Cross Body       Full Natural Top
Cucaracha           Sliding Door       Hocky Stick       Open Hip Twist
Fence Line           Spot Turn       Serpiente       Stop and Go Hockey Stick
Forward Basic           Time Step       Switch Rock       Sweetheart
Hand To Hand           Whip       Umbrella Turn       Turkish Towel (Phase 6)



Jive / Swing

Phase III Phase III (continued)     Phase IV     Phase V
Change Hands Behind the Back Rock the Boat     American Spin     Catapult
Chasse Swivel Walks     Chicken Walks     Chasse Roll
Fallaway Rock Throwaway     Lindy Catch     Neck Slide
Jive Walks Triple     Pretzel Turn     She Go, He Go
Kick Ball Change       Riverboat Shuffle     Stop and Go
Link       Sailor Shuffle     Whip Turn
Link Rock       Shoulder Shove      
Point Steps       Spanish Arms      
Progressive Rock       Windmill      



Phase III Phase III (continued)     Phase IV     Phase V
Fence Line with Arms Lung Break     Cross Body      
Hip Lift Side Stairs 8            
Door Under Arm Turn            


Slow Two-Step

Phase III     Phase IV     Phase V
Side Basic     Left Turn with Inside Roll     Triple Traveler
Basic Ending     Right Turn with Outside Roll      



Rhythm     Dance     Beats
QQS (Quick, Quick, Slow)     Rumba     4
SQQ (Slow, Quick, Quick)     Foxtrot     4
1, 2, and a Triple     Jive     4
1, 2, and a Triple (Cha Cha Cha)     Cha-Cha     4
Emphasis on the first beat of the measure     Waltz     3
QQS     Two-Step     4
SQQ     Bolero     4
SQQ     Slow Two-Step     4


For an explanation of individual steps, see Round Dancing Instruction Manual.



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