Dance - A - Rama

National Singles Dance - Little Rock Aug 30, 2007


New MS River Bridge under construction near Greenville. This route through the delta takes you through Pine Bluff, site of another big dance.


The old bridge is narrow! Welcome to the Natural State!


You see a lot of Lake Chicot, near Lake Village. Arkansas rest stop on the lake, not far from the river bridge.



The Wyndham - host hotel located in North Little Rock, a block from the Arkansas River.


You're from the Colorado Rocky Tops? Though that would be Tennessee!


They picked a very nice place. A roomate locater helps you find a roomate to share expenses. Why they think of everything! Singles Square Dancers of America event.



Check in for dancers. There are 550 dancers! There were four halls - Main Hall (Mainstream, Plus, and Rounds), Round Dance, Easy Level Squares, Advanced Square Dance (like A-1 or C-2 it's really advanced!). You can take your choice - it's all going at once - and all day! Dancing starts at 10 am and goes till 11pm. Followed by country band on Fri / Sat nights. Sunday schedule - 9:00 a.m. Church service (on site) was well attended. Dancing starts at 10. All this and you never have to leave the building! Great buffet too!


Afternoon Lines workshop about to get started. The dance floor is put down over the carpet and snapped together. This lets you live and dance in the same building - nice!




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